Query for Tenth Month (October)

red leaf amidst stones on the riverbank

A query from Twin Cities Friends Meeting:

"Our testimonies arise from our way of worship. Our way of worship evokes from deep within us at once an affirmation and a celebration, an affirmation of the reality of that Light which illumines the spiritual longing of humanity, and a celebration of the continual resurrection within us of the springs of hope and love; a sense that each of us is, if we will, a channel for a power that is both within and beyond us.

Lorna M. Marsden, The Prepared Heart: An Anthology.
London, Quaker Home Services, 1988, p 98.

To what extent are your beliefs consistent with the testimonies and practices of Friends? How are your beliefs different?"

And I would add, "How do your beliefs enrich the life of our Meeting?"


Todd Vandenbark, Clerk