a left hand reaching towards the sun

What do Quakers believe?

Friends do not have creeds in the way that many religious groups do, though there are some common strands.  We believe that the most important things are written on our hearts and not in books– the letter kills while the spirit gives life.  We accept that how we live our lives speaks more honestly and powerfully than the words we say we believe. 

But through all of Quaker practice is a common belief that every person has a part of the Divine Spirit within and the possibility of finding Truth through that Spirit.  This guides the way we live and speak.

We attempt to live lives rooted in peace, equality, community, simplicity and truthfulness.  These testimonies, as they are called, continue to evolve as do all of our under-standings, as we turn constantly to the Light for guidance and growth.

Thus, we don’t have a book or a statement that is the final word.  We practice continuing revelation.

Our worship then empowers us to go out in service to the world and each other