Meeting for Worship

felt signs saying "Equality" and "Peace"

What is Meeting for Worship?

In Meeting for Worship, Friends sit in silence to wait for the direct inspiration of God, individually or collectively.  There are no ordained clergy.  Anyone who feels called by the Spirit to speak may do so.

In worship and in all things, simplicity is sought.  Ministry is more valued for its inspiration and personal authenticity than for its polish.

Ministry can come in words, song or even movement, as the Spirit leads.  Some of the most powerful gatherings are those in which no word is spoken.  We do not seek to fill the silence; we create a space for God to fill.

To help nurture this end, we observe a couple basic guidelines, First, we attempt to leave a period of silence between any messages, so they may be heard in their fullness. Second, an individual rarely speaks more than once in the course of worship.