THRESHING SESSION QUERIES on meeting space future

Vision for Meeting purpose/work/mission
        For what purpose does our Meeting exist?
        What is Spirit leading us to be and become?
        What is the work that needs to be done and what kind of space do we need to 
                accomplish this?

        What does a meeting space that evokes connection with Spirit and community     
                look and feel like?
        What do we need in our surroundings to center down and reach that place of 
                deep Silence, inner Light and Presence?

    Ecological concerns
        What type of meeting place is consistent with our values of care for the earth?
    Proximity to those we serve
        Who do we serve and what location is best suited to reach them?

        How can our choice of meeting space make our presence known in the wider
        What potential barriers to participation exist and how can our choice of
                meeting space remove them?

        What resources do we have to create a meeting space that meets these needs 
                and desires?  How do we make the best use of these resources?
        What are our most cherished and essential values?
        What is of utmost priority for us?
        What can we afford to sacrifice?
        How can we act from faith rather than fear?